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10 Feet Tall [10 Feet Tall]
33 Windsor Place [33 Windsor Place]
411 Bar and Nightclub [411 Bar and Nightclub]
Adelas [Adela's]
Allison Jayne [Allison Jayne]
Alpha and Omega College [Alpha and Omega College]
ASK Italian [ASK Italian]
Atlantic Coffee [Atlantic Coffee]
BaaBar [BaaBar]
Baileys [Baileys]
Bang Olufsen [Bang & Olufsen]
Bar 50 [Bar 50]
Barbucci [Barbucci]
Barocco [Barocco]
Baskin Robbins [Baskin Robbins]
Bauhaus (Bakers Row) [Bauhaus (Bakers Row)]
Bauhaus (Friary) [Bauhaus (Friary)]
Bella Italia (City Centre) [Bella Italia (City Centre)]
Bellinis (Park Place) [Bellini's (Park Place)]
Bellinis Express [Bellini's Express]
Bellissima Bridal [Bellissima Bridal]
Big Blue Sports Bar [Big Blue Sports Bar]
Bills [Bill's]
Bistro One Cafe [Bistro One Cafe]
Blue Banana [Blue Banana]
Bombers Sandwich House [Bomber's Sandwich House]
Borough Arms [Borough Arms]
Brewdog [Brewdog]
Brewhouse [Brewhouse]
Brogue Trader [Brogue Trader]
Browns [Browns]
Bryony Theatrical [Bryony Theatrical]
Buffalo [Buffalo]
Cafe Citta [Cafe Citta]
Cafe Jazz [Cafe Jazz]
Camera Centre [Camera Centre]
Cameraland [Cameraland]
Capital Takeaway [Capital Takeaway]
Cardiff Antiques Centre [Cardiff Antiques Centre]
Cardiff Bridal Centre [Cardiff Bridal Centre]
Cardiff Fashion Quarter [Cardiff Fashion Quarter]
Carluccios [Carluccio's]
Casanova [Casanova]
Castle Arcade [Castle Arcade]
Cellys [Celly's]
Charlestons [Charleston's]
Charlie Browns [Charlie Browns]
Chicken Cottage (City Centre) [Chicken Cottage (City Centre)]
Chiquito (City centre) [Chiquito (City centre)]
Clive Ranger [Clive Ranger]
Clwb Ifor Bach [Clwb Ifor Bach]
Coffee Heaven [Coffee Heaven]
Colins Books [Colin's Books]
Comic Guru [Comic Guru]
Cornish Bakehouse [Cornish Bakehouse]
Cranes [Cranes]
Crumbs Kitchen [Crumbs Kitchen]
David Edwards Jewellers [David Edwards Jewellers]
Dempseys [Dempsey's]
Dorothys [Dorothy's]
E-Cigilicious [E-Cigilicious]
elf [e.l.f.]
Fantasy Lounge [Fantasy Lounge]
Flares [Flares]
Flavour [Flavour]
Floyds [Floyd's]
Flute and Tankard [Flute and Tankard]
For Your Eyes Only [For Your Eyes Only]
Forbidden Planet [Forbidden Planet]
Fountain Fine Art [Fountain Fine Art]
Four Bars [Four Bars]
Fred Perry [Fred Perry]
Fresh [Fresh]
Frontier Tattoo Parlour [Frontier Tattoo Parlour]
Fuel [Fuel]
Full Moon [Full Moon]
Gamlins [Gamlins]
Ganesha (Morgan Arcade) [Ganesha (Morgan Arcade)]
Ganesha (Royal Arcade) [Ganesha (Royal Arcade)]
Gills News [Gills News]
Giovannis (Hayes) [Giovanni's (Hayes)]
Glam [Glam]
Glassworks [Glassworks]
GM Music [GM Music]
Gourmet Burger Kitchen (bay) [Gourmet Burger Kitchen (bay)]
Gourmet Burger Kitchen (city centre) [Gourmet Burger Kitchen (city centre)]
Gravity Station [Gravity Station]
Griller [Griller]
Halewood Shoes [Halewood Shoes]
Harvey Jones Kitchens [Harvey Jones Kitchens]
Hawkes Essentials [Hawkes Essentials]
Hayes Island Snack Bar [Hayes Island Snack Bar]
Health with Herbs (Royal Arcade) [Health with Herbs (Royal Arcade)]
Henrys [Henry's]
House of Fraser [House of Fraser]
Ian Allan Bookshop [Ian Allan Bookshop]
Jam Jar [Jam Jar]
Jamies Italian [Jamie's Italian]
John Lewis [John Lewis]
Jon Ian [Jon Ian]
Jonathan David (City centre) [Jonathan David (City centre)]
Jongleurs [Jongleurs]
Joules [Joules]
Juboraj (city centre) [Juboraj (city centre)]
Kapu [Kapu]
Kebab King [Kebab King]
Keep The Faith [Keep The Faith]
La Bodega [La Bodega]
La Tasca [La Tasca]
Lab 22 [Lab 22]
Ladybird [Ladybird]
Laguna Health and Spa [Laguna Health and Spa]
Laguna Kitchen and Bar [Laguna Kitchen and Bar]
Las Iguanas (city centre) [Las Iguanas (city centre)]
Lava Lounge [Lava Lounge]
Le Monde [Le Monde]
Live Lounge [Live Lounge]
Maddison DC [Maddison DC]
Maldron Hotel [Maldron Hotel]
Mango House [Mango House]
Marmaris Kebabs [Marmaris Kebabs]
Marriot [Marriot]
Metros [Metros]
Mia Porto Due [Mia Porto Due]
Millennium Lodge [Millennium Lodge]
Mission Burrito [Mission Burrito]
Missoula [Missoula]
Mocka Lounge [Mocka Lounge]
Moon Club [Moon Club]
Morgan [Morgan]
Morgan Arcade [Morgan Arcade]
Morgans Fish Bar [Morgan's Fish Bar]
Munchesters [Munchesters]
Nandos (Brewery Quarter) [Nando's (Brewery Quarter)]
Nandos (St Davids) [Nando's (St David's)]
Napier [Napier]
Neals Yard [Neal's Yard]
No 1 Sports Bar [No 1 Sports Bar]
Noodle Stop [Noodle Stop]
Owain Glyndwr [Owain Glyndwr]
Oxfam (City centre) [Oxfam (City centre)]
Oxfam Bookshop [Oxfam Bookshop]
Pancake House [Pancake House]
Papa Panda [Papa Panda]
Parc Lane [Parc Lane]
Park Plaza [Park Plaza]
Peppermint Bar and Kitchen [Peppermint Bar and Kitchen]
Pica Pica [Pica Pica]
Pieminister [Pieminister]
Pierre [Pierre]
Pillars [Pillars]
Pipis [Pipi's]
Pizza Express (High St) [Pizza Express (High St)]
Playhouse [Playhouse]
Popworld [Popworld]
Potted Pig [Potted Pig]
Pretty Green [Pretty Green]
Prezzo (St Davids) [Prezzo (St Davids)]
Prezzo (St Mary Street) [Prezzo (St Mary Street)]
Prince of Wales [Prince of Wales]
Pulse [Pulse]
Quay Street Sandwich Bar [Quay Street Sandwich Bar]
Rebel Rebel [Rebel Rebel]
Retro [Retro]
Revolucion De Cuba [Revolucion De Cuba]
Revolution [Revolution]
Rino and Co [Rino & Co]
Rossiters [Rossiters]
Route One [Route One]
Royal Arcade [Royal Arcade]
Royal Hotel [Royal Hotel]
Royal Sweet Shop [Royal Sweet Shop]
Run and Become [Run and Become]
Sandringham Hotel [Sandringham Hotel]
Sanrizz [Sanrizz]
Sara Halewood [Sara Halewood]
Saswa [Saswa]
Scribbler [Scribbler]
Sebry R [Sebry R]
Servinis [Servini's]
SkinJam Boutique [SkinJam Boutique]
Soda [Soda]
Spar (St Mary Street) [Spar (St Mary Street)]
Specs4Less [Specs4Less]
Spice Berry [Spice Berry]
Spice Quarter [Spice Quarter]
Spirited Wines [Spirited Wines]
STA Travel [STA Travel]
Stitches [Stitches]
Street Casuals [Street Casuals]
Tair Pluen [Tair Pluen]
That Shop [That Shop]
The Bear Shop [The Bear Shop]
The Chippy [The Chippy]
The Louis [The Louis]
The Meating Place [The Meating Place]
The Parc [The Parc]
The Pen and Paper [The Pen and Paper]
The Plan [The Plan]
The Red Onion [The Red Onion]
The Social [The Social]
The Tea Spot [The Tea Spot]
Things Welsh [Things Welsh]
Tiger Tiger [Tiger Tiger]
Tonys [Tony's]
Torre Coffee [Torre Coffee]
Trenchers [Trenchers]
Truffles [Truffles]
Urban Tap House [Urban Tap House]
Valentinos [Valentino's]
Varsity [Varsity]
Viva Brazil [Viva Brazil]
Vom Fass [Vom Fass]
Wagamama (city centre) [Wagamama (city centre)]
Wallys [Wally's]
White Stuff [White Stuff]
Windsor Barbers [Windsor Barbers]
Wok to Walk (City Centre) [Wok to Walk (City Centre)]
Wok to Walk (Roath) [Wok to Walk (Roath)]
Wyndham Arcade [Wyndham Arcade]
Zero Degrees [Zero Degrees]
Zizzi (City Centre) [Zizzi (City Centre)]

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